How to make Hot Chocolate – Jacques Torres

Who doesn’t love hot chocolate? Even Johhny Depp said it was his favorite on the movie “Chocolate.”  Of course many of us have made a cup of hot chocolate in the microwave, some even on the stove top. Here Chef Jacques Torres takes his cup of milk and uses the steam attachment on his coffee maker. This is a first for me. As the steam works for a minute, Chef Jacques measures a half cup of hot chocolate powder. Personally, his measuring system works for me!  No using a knife to level it off here.  After mixing the boiled milk with the powder it’s time to boil again to make sure it is nice and thick. The directions are simple: one parts chocolate to two parts milk. Whatever size you want to make it just double the milk to your powder.  No need for Chef Jacques to provide us with written instructions.  Great!

recipe: Hot Chocolate

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