Chocolate Covered Corn Flakes – Jacques Torres

For most of us, corn flakes are a simple, somewhat bland, cereal each of us has eaten for breakfast.  Chef Jacques has turned them into a wonderful chocolate delight.  This video does not have a written recipe with it but there is no need.  Chef Jacques first walks us through how to effectively handle chocolate.  Many of us have struggled with melting chocolate but here we can learn how simple it actually is.  This recipe is broken down into simple steps. Place a pile of cornflakes in a large bowl and mix in as much melted dark chocolate as you want. Just make sure you cover the flakes completely with the chocolate.  As Chef Jacques spooned out chocolate cornflakes, about the same size as cookie dough he explains how a hair dryer is helpful if your chocolate starts to cool. This is a simple, great recipe that can easily be used for Christmas gifts.  This video gives us much more than a recipe. It is almost a crash course in how to handle chocolate, whether it was keeping it warm at 90 degrees or explaining why the chocolate should not be in the fridge longer than ten minutes.

recipe: Chocolate Covered Corn Flakes

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