Cheese Souffle – Julia Child (The French Chef)

In this video, the infamous Julia Child will explain to you how to create a delicious and magnificent French Cheese Souffle.  A souffle simply consists of a thick white sauce with flavoring (like cheese or mushrooms) and egg whites.   One of the major benefits to this recipe, is that you are able to let the base sit for 1-2 hours before you bake it if you choose to.  A trick to making this souffle is using aluminum  foil around the outside of the pan you are using.  Simply wrap once around the pan so that there are about 5-8 inches of foil free from the pan facing upward.  When the souffle expands, the aluminum foil will give it a steadier base.  When you are making this souffle make sure you have a pan that is high up and down but narrow at the same time.  If you butter the pan you choose, it will make the outside much crispier.

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