Vegetarian Sausage – Keith Floyd

In this video, you will experience Keith Floyd making an attempt to create a delicious vegetarian version of sausage.  Keith makes the step by step process extremely easy to follow as he talks you through the instructions.  The recipe he uses is a tangy, traditional Welsh recipe that is made up primarily of ground up goat cheese, chopped onion, stirred egg yolk, and bread crumbs.  These ingredients form together and make a base that can be made into the sausages.  The sausage base is then to be rolled in the bread crumbs. ( Chopped nuts are sometimes used in this recipe as well).  Cooking them is very simple.  All you’re going to need to do is grease and heat a pan, then let each of the sausages sit for 3-4 minutes on each side.
Additionally, Keith’s assistant Margaret reveals her latest creation of seaweed bread souffle with a cream cheese filling.

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