Chocolate Moose – The Muppets Swedish Chef

Living in Maine, I was interested in a moose dish.  This one is not disappointing in its originality.  The video quality is a little rough. It looks as though it is copied from an old VHS. But if you focus you can easily see.  Of course the language barrier could be difficult for some.  Knowing, from previous videos, that the Swedish Chef is musical I loved the theme song.  Who could sing it better? Not me. With great background music you quickly see why this chef is a favorite of all. Using simple ingredients you can come out with something great. Starting with just a bowl of melted chocolate we are ready.  All of us have a bowl in our kitchen and can easily get chocolate to melt. However, with only two ingredients one of them might be a problem. How can you fit a moose in your kitchen?  And how long will he be willing to stand still while you spread chocolate on him?  If you are looking for a great, and real, chocolate recipe I would recommend looking at some from Chef Jacques Torres. Few ingredients, simple, and great!

recipe:  Chocolate Moose

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