Salmon Mousse and Strawberry Pudding – recipe by Two Fat Ladies

I honestly have never considered making a salmon mousse. However, the Two Fat Ladies, Clarissa Dickson Wright and Jennifer Paterson, definitely had me interested.  Jennifer starts off the segment with a strawberry pudding and a short history lesson on St. Agatha’s day.  Believe me, with the pudding it works. She starts off by cutting up ripe strawberries small and adding a tablespoon of lemon juice and caster sugar. This is left to marinate for one hour. We then take Italian cheese and put it through a small sieve.  Throughout the recipe there are some funny moments between the two women.  You can certainly see they have worked together for some time.  Next it is on to Clarissa and some bleu cheese being crumbled onto flaked salmon. Some cream cheese is then added with a slurp of sour cream. Once again, no exact measurements are given.  After all the ingredients are mixed well together they are spooned into a fish mold before being placed in the fridge with the strawberry pudding.  The end of the video is spent mixing together a little cucumber sauce for the salmon.  Once this is done the video abruptly ends. Different but two recipes I wouldn’t mind trying for myself.

recipes:  Salmon Mousse and Strawberry Pudding

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