Popcorn by The Muppets Swedish Chef

Maybe the best chef of all time! Don’t let the language barrier stop you from enjoying!  Of course, if you don’t know Swedish the subtitles help too. Oh, and you want to pay attention to the warning at the beginning (really).  Now I have never put more than one bag of microwave popcorn in at once and I was a little concerned as I watched the Swedish Chef do it.  But the pots and pans were soon happily steaming away on the stovetop and the mixer was running quite nicely.  Even a shrimp was having a good time as the chef banged away at the hanging pots.  It was a little distracting when you realized the Swedish Chef forgot to turn off his cell phone and had to take a call. But it was short and things quickly picked up again.  That is until the microwave exploded leaving piles of popcorn all over the kitchen.  However, it looked good and even the shrimp was happy. That said, I would suggest reading the instructions on the popcorn bag and putting just one in the microwave at a time.

recipe: Popcorn Shrimp

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