Mustard Chicken and Apple Pandowdy – Two Fat Ladies

One nice thing about the Two Fat Ladies, Clarissa Dickson Wright and Jennifer Paterson, is you get two recipes out of a one recipe length segment.  You really want to pay attention as they speak, especially Jennifer.  Clarissa begins with the mustard chicken recipe.  The chicken is about a third of the size I see in my supermarket.  In this video, measurements are done in “dollops,” or “a little” and “a pinch.” Sometimes no measurement is given at all.  The first recipe is simply a lovely sauce spread over chicken and then baked. Jennifer shares her apple pandowdy recipe. Sliced apples mixed with golden treacle, nutmeg, and cinnamon. All of it is placed in a well buttered baking dish. To make the top we are given ingredients to mix together but no definite measurement.  It is then pored over the apple mixture. It is almost like a cobbler.  Thankfully, we are told to bake this in the oven for 40 minutes but no temperature is given. It’s then back to Clarissa who tells us the chickens are spatchcocks. This means they are chickens less than 28 days old.  This also bakes for 40 minutes, once again, no temperature.  These ladies are entertaining and you can tell they love what they do.

recipes: Mustard Chicken and Apple Pandowdy

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