The Way We Cooked – Graham Kerr and Fanny Cradock (pt. 1)

The careers of Graham Kerr and Fanny Cradock were highlighted in this episode of “The Way We Cooked”.  “The Way We Cooked” was a television program produced by BBC in 2002.  The three episodes examined the UK’s fascination with celebrity chefs and their cultural influence over the past 50 years.  The careers of six fantastic television personalities are examined over the course of the three episodes and how they paved the way and inspired others to go into cooking careers.  Graham Kerr is the only non-British based cook of the six documented in the program, the other chefs examined are Delia Smith, Keith Floyd, Gary Rhodes and Jamie Oliver. This very entertaining program uses television clips and interviews to document the careers of Fanny and Graham. Fanny Cradock started her career in 1955 was was often appeared to be rude and over the top while Graham Kerr is depicted as easy going and flirtatious. This program serves up a course of culinary nostalgia and a side order of information that will entertain and educate you about two of the earliest food celebrities.

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