How to make Potato Cakes – Keith Floyd

In this video, you will see Keith Floyd preparing traditional Irish potato cakes.  Even though they are traditional and the recipe is old, they are still a very popular dish.  He begins by boiling potatoes in a cast iron pot.  However, this can be done over a stove in any pot.  Also, the skins can be removed before the potatoes are boiled.  The difference is that the potatoes with their skins are considered to be more traditional.  The potatoes are then beaten until they are of a less coarse texture and flour is added to them.  The dough is rolled and shaped into wedges and then are put on a griddle.  The griddle should be dusted and heated before the wedges are put on.  15 minutes later (or until they are browned) the potato cakes should be taken off of the griddle and set to cool off.  They are best served with butter on top.

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