Hot Buttered Crab and Roman Mustard Green Beans – Two Fat Ladies

When this video starts you can tell this is part of a longer television show.  It seems the two ladies, Clarissa Dickinson Wright and Jennifer Paterson, have been invited to cook at a duke’s home.  If you are not used to British accents you might want to turn up the volume a little and pay close attention.  One thing that is nice about these ladies is they are not afraid to find substitutes for ingredients when the original is not available.  Clarissa starts off with the Roman Mustard Green Beans.  Of course first she must make the mustard by mixing vinegar, mustard seed, and coriander. After they soak overnight they are put in a blender with some almonds.  Jennifer then walks us through the Hot Buttered Crab.  As they work together there is a good deal of gossiping about the current and first duke.  There are many times when no measurements are given and you really have to focus on the visuals.  One thing I liked was how Jennifer used the crab shells as the serving dishes for the finished buttered crab.  Two ladies having fun together make this an enjoyable recipe video.

recipes:  Hot Buttered Crab and Roman Mustard Green Beans.

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