Ginger Bread and Galette Des Rois Aux Amandes – Two Fat Ladies

Ginger Bread and Galette Des Rois Aux Amandes –  recipe by Two Fat Ladies

I really appreciate being given a little bit of the history of the recipe being presented.  This one is for Twelfth Night.  These ladies are not for the faint of heart.  Their approach is very British. At the start, Jennifer says she will not explain the pastry because you were expected to have bought it due to it being boring.  Then Clarissa starts preparing the gingerbread with a reference to “Last Tango in Paris.” Personally I think the comment was unnecessary and inappropriate.  Once in a while Clarissa with tell you the ingredient she is adding but does not give the exact amount to add.  After putting the gingerbread into the oven, no temperature given, we go back to Jennifer who has finished the pastry and explains how to make the filling. One thing I learned from this video was how to easily transfer the top of the pastry onto the bottom filled Galette by rolling it up on a rolling pin.  I could definitely tell these two ladies have been friends, and cooks, together for some time.  They are very frank and have no trouble showing their, apparent, dislike for Americans.

recipe: Ginger Bread & Galette Des Rois Aux Amandes

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