Cider-Soaked Roast Chicken – Keith Floyd

In this video Keith Floyd shows you how to make a delicious Sunday afternoon lunch.  This lunch is a cider-soaked roast chicken dish.  In addition it will be served with baked apples stuffed with  walnuts and raisins  Finally, to top it off, he will instruct you how to make a vegetable stuffed artichoke.
You will also see one of Floyd’s guest chefs cooking two appetizers; a tuna salad and what is called langoustine.  A langoustine is a European crustacean similar to lobster you would find in North America.  The difference however, is that this crustacean is much more slender than the lobster.  These taste best when they are freshly cooked and have not been cooled.

Keep in mind:  After you have baked the chicken and poured the cider onto it and let it finish cooking for another hour, remember that you must drain a majority of the liquids so that they do not become too acidic and ruin the overall taste of the chicken.

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