Eggs scrambled, fried and poached -The Roux Brothers

At Home With The Roux Brothers was a highly successful BBC television series which aired in 1988.   The series stars legendary French chefs and restaurateurs Albert Roux and Michel Roux.  The brothers opened London’s first Michelin Star restuarant, Le Gavroche, in 1967 long before t.v. chefs were popular.   In this episode, The Roux Brothers give their tips, tricks and advice on scrambling, frying and poaching eggs as well as how to make a scrumptious omelette.  In addition to watching the cooking techniques, I really enjoyed watching the interaction between the Albert Roux and Michel Roux.  They blend childhood memories with  humor and politely argue with  each other throughout the entire video.  I loved Albert’s response when Michel says that the viewers would like to have a easy quick way to make a scrambled egg – perhaps over direct heat.  Albert matter of factly says “I would say to the viewer,  if you have not got time to do a proper scrambled egg stick to a boiled egg.”   When they don’t agree they both just say “vive la difference” and continue on.

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