Fishy Chowder – The Muppets Swedish Chef

After  living in Maine most of my life I have tried many fish chowders.  However, I have never made it myself. I decided to come here and find out how the iconic Swedish Chef made his. As always, I was not disappointed. The video quality isn’t as clear as it could be but definitely watchable. He started out with a large cooking pot and ladle like many of us have in our kitchen.  The Swedish Chef boldly started out with a whole fish being tossed into the pot. No cutting or descaling here, right into the pot.  This was quickly followed by potatoes and salt and pepper.  Here is when the trouble started. It seems the Swedish Chef’s fish was still full of life.  It had no trouble taking the Chef’s mixing spoon and soon caught the Chef himself.  One thing I can say is the Swedish Chef teaches you how to NOT make a fish chowder.  Or at least make sure your ingredients cannot fight back.

recipe: Fishy Chowder

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