Mayonnaise and Hollandaise – The Roux Brothers

Why buy mayonnaise when you can make it yourself?  In this instructional cooking video, Albert Roux and Michel Roux demonstrate how to make fresh mayonnaise and a tantalizing Hollandaise sauce.  Albert Roux and Michel Roux are the hosts of At Home with the Roux Brothers a popular BBC Series which aired in 1988.   At the beginning of this clip from the series,  Michel wonders why more people don’t make mayonnaise at home.  The next thing you know they have the  ingredients for it, eggs, dijon mustard, oil, seasoning and lemon juice and after less than four minutes Albert Roux is done whisking it up.  The Hollandaise sauce looks equally easy to prepare and after watching this video I am inspired to go make myself a batch of each.  These simple yet sophisticated sauces will please and delight guests and family alike.

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