Hello, this is Chef Mark Garcia, Managing Director of Cooking With The Masters.

I am so excited to have you along for the launch of an exciting new online cooking channel. Together we are going to find more ways to explore food, cooking, wine, food history and pay homage to the cooking classics.

Before the advent of the Internet and online video, the only way to visually learn about food, wine, and cooking techniques was to watch cooking shows, enroll in a culinary program or attend a cooking class.

This is still the best way to experience the craft, but if you want to see many of the great chefs who are no longer with us (and most of the celebrity chefs only appear at certain events), we’ve created Cooking With The Masters as THE Internet search engine for cooking videos.

You can find videos two ways:

  1. Use the directory OR
  2. Use the websites search engine

If you like what we are doing here, please help spread the word by sharing with your friends. If you would like to upload your own videos, CLICK HERE.


Cooking With The Masters Team